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Energy Services Marketing Company Worth Checking Out

Being in oil and gas you probably understand the competitiveness of it all and how difficult it can be to separate yourselves from the rest of the field of energy services companies. We hear you.

A few years back we realized the importance of positioning our company in to the 3-pak. Now I know you’re wondering what exactly on God’s green Earth is a 3-pak, right? Well up until I started marketing my own energy services company I too had no idea what the heck this was.

The 3-pak is quite simply the top 3 results in Google Local Search. Now wait a second and before you go…ahhh I remember now that’s Google and that’s SEO, you’d be “sort of right”.

Google Local is a completely separate entity to Google search. For example if you typed “energy services companies” in to Google you’d get the top ranking pages across the US or Canada for that phrase. That’s Google organic search results. Now Google Local goes like this: let’s say you search for “energy services companies in Grande Prairie” or even “energy services companies near me” and you happen to be in Grande Prairie, then you are going to get Google Local results specific to the area you are in.

The 3-pak is the top 3 results of that search and the ones that get all business. If you business isn’t in the 3-pak you might as well not even be there. Thing is we had no clue what this was all about until we hired Energy Services Marketing, a company based in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.

Within 90 days we went from no where to be found in Google Local, to the top results in all our service locations INCLUDING our field offices. We immediately saw the impact of this on our phone lines. As of today we rank in the top 3 of all our targeted services areas for each of our energy services offered. Meanwhile our competitors are still wondering how we’re doing it and where we’re getting all our energy leads.

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